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Welcome to Professional Restoration Systems of Connecticut!

We are a 2nd generation family-owned and operated company. Our company is founded on the principal of the Temperature Focused Drying System™. With this system we apply heat directly to the wet areas only. This system allows us to rapidly dry your water damaged structure and save more walls and flooring which will decrease drying and reconstruction costs and the inconvenience to the homeowner.

We are the first registered company in the State of Connecticut to feature the TES™ thermal energy system. We can restore your structure in record breaking time usually with reduced reconstruction costs. We can handle any size job and have certified Restoration Specialists on staff to handle your every need.

Currently, our staff holds certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the Vortex Drying School, and Reets Drying Academy. We are focused on education and regularly attending training and refresher courses to keep our staff on top of all of the latest drying techniques.

Our mission at Professional Restoration Systems of Connecticut is to provide our clients with a rapid and well-organized response to their emergency situation. We will accomplish this by always maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity and honesty with our professional associates and those that we serve. To learn more about our restoration services, please click here.

Old ways of cleaning and sanitizing don’t work as well as your customers deserve and demand.

Customers deserve clean fitness and locker areas, and they demand an odor-free environment. Upgrade your approach to sanitizing and odor control with the Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System ™.

Whether the problem is airborne or on surfaces, you can remove all residual creators of these serious problems — faster than other methods and at surprisingly little addition cost.

The Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™ uses a technologically advanced process to sanitize and deodorize areas without the need for toxic chemicals, fragrances or services, which require manual wiping and rinsing. In a fraction of the time needed by other sanitation systems, the Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™ can sanitize against a multitude of germs, allergens, odors and indoor contaminants in all areas.


Most sanitizing systems are complex or messy, and many deodorizing systems just cover up odors. Only the Just Gone System destroys odors completely and is incredibly fast to apply.

Are you tired of odors and the unseen bacteria that cause them?

Now, you can eliminate both with the Just Gone System. You need to take action now to get rid of these pesky problems that risk the health of your client’s and staff.

What can be sanitized quickly and easily with this system?

  • Exercise equipment
  • Gym mats
  • Showers
  • Steam rooms
  • Saunas
  • Locker rooms
  • Walls and floors
  • Swimming pool and hot tub tiled areas
  • Waiting rooms
  • Massage tables, equipment and rooms
  • Athletic protection equipment

What type of facilities could benefit?

  • School gyms
  • Health clubs
  • Fitness gyms
  • Spas
  • Resorts
  • Martial arts facilities
  • Racquetball clubs
  • Car, RV, & Boat dealers
  • Day care facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Real Estate professionals
  • And many many more